Accessible Chemical Diagrams

We provide technology to turn the study of chemical molecule diagrams into an interactive, fully accessible experience using modern web standards

Our technology enables the direct translation of images into fully web accessible SVG diagrams. Readers can listen to descriptions of the diagram as well as interact with them to explore them in depth. We support navigation on several levels as well as magnification and contrast changes.

The advantages of our technology are:

Demonstrator for Interactive Molecule Exploration

We demonstrate the interactive exploration of chemical diagrams offering screen reader support and magnification. All interactive diagrams have been automatically generated from original bitmap images.

Please click on one of the examples below to get to the demo:

Example 1: Methylpentene (original)

Example 2: 2-bromo-1-chlorobutane (original)

Example 3: Aspirin (original)

Example 4: Benzoic Acid (original)

Example 5: Siramesine (original)

Example 6: Ovalene (original)

Example 7: Paracetamol (original)

Example 8: Aspirin (multi-lingual) (original)

Presentations and other Resources