Accessible Math in All Browsers

We are working with the American Mathematical Society and the MathJax consortium to provide technology that makes mathematics on the web universally accessible regardless of the assistitive technology solutions used by the individual reader.

Our technology exploits MathJax to translate ordinary mathematical markup into fully accessible, interactive formulas. Readers can listen to formula as well as engage with them by interactively exploring them in depth. We support navigation on several levels as well as magnification and contrast changes.

The advantages of our technology are:

  • No need to prepare formulas in special programs
  • No need for readers to learn a new tool
  • Reuse existing content as we support LaTeX, MathML, and AsciiMath input
  • Technology can be embedded into custom webpages or ebook content
  • Support for readers with a variety of visual and print impairments
  • Platform independent, with all modern browsers and many screen readers supported

See some of our demo videos videos that introduce the tool at YouTube or experiment with our demonstrator that also provides some ready made examples.

For a list of all supported platforms, browsers and screen readers, please see here.