Partners and Clients


Dedicon is a non-profit organization that is the largest producer of alternative reading formats in the Netherlands. They provide access to text and images to people with special needs so everyone is able to fully participate in society.

We have worked with Dedicon to put together a gold standard for accessible chemistry in the Dutch education system which is available here.


ViewPlus develops innovative and inclusion hardware and software designed to allow even those with the most limiting of disabilities to still continue to use modern computing systems.

We’ve worked with them on a number of tactile and audio-tactile graphics and diagrams.

The Big Ten Academic Alliance

The Big Ten Academic Alliance is an academic consortium of a number of institutions that are all part of the Big Ten Conference.

They supported our Nemeth Braille work in the Speech Rule Engine.


Benetech works to empower communities with software for social good.

They’ve supported developments in SRE through their innovative Diagram Center project, which focuses on meeting the needs of students with disabilities.


TextHelp works to help everyone read, write and communicate with clarity across a number of settings, such as at class and at work.

They use our very own speech rule engine across their EquatIO product for voicing mathematical formulas and expressions, making the classroom more accessible for students.


MathJax provides a cross-browser javascript library to display mathematical notation in web browsers. It’s used all across the world in thousands of websites, helping users to experience rich-mathematical equations across the internet.

Dr Volker Sorge, the Director of Progressive Accessibility Solutions is one of the members of the MathJax consortium and helps to provide accessibility in MathJax.


AMS is a collection of professional mathematicians, working to serve the national and international community through a number of efforts.

Previously, AMS was the primary fiscal sponsor of MathJax.


NumFocus support a large number of scientific and mathemetical open-source projects in an aim to encourage a better, and more open place for science and collaboration.

They are currently the fiscal sponsor for MathJax.

PreTeXt and NFB

PreTeXt is an XML vocabulary for authors of research articles and textbooks.

NFB (National Foundation of the Blind) is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing the voice of the nation’s blind.

With these partners, we were able to work on and create Braille Math books together.