Universal Maths Accessibility

We are working with the American Mathematics Society and the MathJax consortium to provide software solutions to make maths universally accessible on any platform, in any browser, and with most screen readers. Please see the demonstrator for Accessible Math in All Browsers.

We can consult your organisation on how to turn your existing content into web material that can be made accessible by the latest MathJax accessibility extension to make it suitable for all print impaired readers.

Maths To Text Conversion

We provide software to translate mathematical notation into textual descriptions for visually impaired readers using the standard MathSpeak rule set as well as other customised rules.

Our software powers the MathML Cloud service, the MathJax-Node package as well as the ChromeVox screen reader.

We can adapt the software to fit the particular needs of your organisation as well as embed it into your production or content conversion workflows.

STEM Diagram Access

We work on solutions to make STEM diagrams barrier-free accessible. Diagrams can be processed as images, regardless of their origin and are translated into fully accessible SVG diagrams that can be processed by any modern web browser. Readers can listen to descriptions of the diagram, get magnification and contrast changes as well as interact with it by navigating it on several levels. They can use any platform (desktop or mobile) and the assistive technology they are already used to.

There is no need for your teachers to prepare diagrams in special programs or for students to buy and learn a new software to work with diagrams.

Please see the demonstrator for our award winning work on accessible chemical diagrams as example. These solutions can be adapted for diagrams in other STEM subjects.

Please contact us for more details.