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We are a company specialising in innovative software solutions for web accessibility. We strive to make difficult content accessible for readers with visual impairments and print disabilities, where standard assistive technologies fail.

We provide a range of services around accessibility needs in education and industry; focusing on assistive technology for STEM subjects, the transformation of teaching, learning and research material, and the creation and assessment of fully accessible web content.

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Great leaders don’t work alone.

That’s why we’re constantly on a mission to collaborate with others to create new solutions to make the web accessible to everyone, everywhere.

We’ve worked with some truly innovative industry leaders, and brought them the ability to connect to their userbase in a completely new, modern and accessible way.

Stand out

…with truly excellent accessibility.

Too often, web accessibility is put on the back burner and deprioritized. Today, with 42% of the world’s population online, and expecting personalized content delivered directly to them, we have to think further.

According to the W3C, less than 10% of websites are accessible to users with disabilities, leaving millions of users unable to properly use the web and access your services.

With our help, web accessibility will let you delight your users, break away from the crowd, and become more competitive.


We’re always looking for opportunities to reach out and do more, so please, get in contact, and we’ll be happy to help!

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