Accessible STEM Diagrams Resources


CSUN 2017 Presentation with John Gardner from ViewPlus

Invited talk at DEIMS 2016

W4A 2017 Presentation for the Best Technical Paper award

Easy Accessibility for Chemistry

Automated Generation of Tactile Mathematics

Example diagrams from Statistics and Physics

Please click on one of the examples below to get to the demo:


Ozone Histogram

BMI small Histogram

BMI large Histogram


Ozone Timeseries

Temperature Timeseries


Ozone Boxplots

Car Milage Boxplots

Car Milage horizontal Boxplots

Electric Circuits

Circuit example

Ohm’s law

Parallel circuit example

Audiotactile Chemistry

Please download one of the following files and use them with ViewPlus embossers and the IVEO Creator or Reader software.

Methylpentene, 2-bromo-1-chlorobutane, Aspirin, Benzoic Acid, Paracetamol, Ovalene, Siramesine