Accessible STEM material

Create STEM material that give your students a fully accessible interactive learning experience.

We have outstanding expertise in making complex STEM content accessible. We can help you turn your mathematical formulas into fully accessible content with MathJax. We provide you with solutions for turning images and diagrams in chemistry, statistics, physics into interactive learning material. We can advise you on how to provide accessible web-content and eBooks for your students for both online teaching and offline learning.

In addition we provide consultancy on how to adapt your existing web-content, software solutions and workflows to make them fully accessible for users with visual and print impairments. We will work with your own personnel to ensure that web content, teaching material and software is developed to be fully accessible.

Online Teaching and Examination

Ensure that all your institution’s online teaching and examination is accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Providing online teaching that is inclusive and gives all your students the same learning opportunity regardless of their individual needs is particularly challenging for STEM subjects. We can help you to provide an online teaching environment that caters for all the accessibility needs of your students. We consult on how you can prepare online exams that can satisfy your students' accessibility requirements.

Staff Training on Accessible STEM Courses

Train your teachers, faculty and staff on how to plan and prepare fully accessible STEM courses.

We can train your faculty members on how to port their STEM teaching material from sources like LaTeX, Word and PDF into accessible formats that use technologies like SVG and MathJax. We teach workflows that allow your staff members to generate directly modern web and ePub material.

We are available to give presentations and training courses on accessibility issues. Training programmes can be tailored to your specific requirements and of the audience. We cover topics such as general web accessibility and WCAG guidelines, tools for web developers and introduction to assistive technologies for teachers and accessibility support staff.

Bespoke Software Solutions

We offer a variety of software solutions for making teaching material in STEM subjects accessible. We particularly provide solutions for Mathematics and STEM diagrams.

We can develop bespoke software solutions for the particular need of your organisation as well as integrate our or third party solution into your work flows.

Please see our Projects and Products section for more information.

Accessibility evaluations and assessments

We evaluate the accessibility provision in your organisation and assess your processes to ensure that your organisation is in compliance with legal requirements.

Web Content audits

We audit your existing web content to ensure that it is fully accessible for your users. We do not just test the content to conform to WCAG guidelines, but we make sure that your web content is accessible on desktop and mobile platforms by a variety of assistive technology solutions.